Burstcoin C++ Crossplatform Miner

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native burstcoin miner, its fast, its multithreaded, low memory usage, multi-account and multi-plot you can specity plot directory or files inside mining.conf file. This miner is for pool mining only, you can use this miner to pool based from this github : https://github.com/uraymeiviar/burst-pool, such as http://burst-pool.cryptoport.io (US) or http://burst-pool2.cryptoport.io (SG).

contact : uray meiviar [ uraymeiviar@gmail.com ]

please donate to support developments :

binary releases

https://github.com/uraymeiviar/burst-miner/releases available for Linux, Windows and OSX (for 64-bit O/S only)


tested on OSX and Linux using GCC 4.8.x and Visual Studio 2013 on Windows

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